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About Prof. Timothy Pennycook

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I am a British American physicist specializing in advanced scanning transmission electron microscopy (STEM), currently based at the University of Antwerp.

I both develop STEM as a technique and apply it to understanding materials systems. Quantum mechanics is never far away, and believe atomic resolution microscopy and quantum computational tools such density functional theory are an ideal combination for exploring materials physics.

I am presently at the forefront of developments in 4D STEM and electron ptychography.

Direct electron detectors brought a step change to the efficiency of conventional phase contrast imaging in TEM, leading to the “Resolution Revolution” in structural biology and the 2017 Nobel Prize in Chemistry.

With 4D STEM we are again revolutionizing the capabilities of electron microscopy. This is the focus of my ERC grant, HDEM, in which we are switching on ultra HD for electron microscopy.